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Dear Stallions,

I hope that you are having a fun and safe spring break, in spite of the changes caused by the coronavirus. As you know, because of the importance of stopping the spread of this illness, in person teaching and school attendance have been put on hold for now. However, even though we will not see each other as planned on March 23, 2020, we will continue to support your education with online instruction.

Your parents/guardians were sent communication about the changes in our District as of now. All of you will have your i-pads or laptops at home on Tuesday, with all necessary components to be successful. As your parents were informed, it is very important that our school building remains completely closed. Students and the community are not allowed in the building for ANY reason; this means all after school activities, field trips , and family night events are cancelled at this time.

Stallions, I am asking you to please continue to learn and follow the directions your teachers provide to you online. Learning from home may pose some challenges, but it also offers an opportunity for you to rise as a leader.

Teacher Request form:
Much Love,
Mrs. Palacios