Great Things Happen at Stagecoach Elementary

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Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year!

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We’re delighted that you are joining Stagecoach Elementary. You will be a great asset to our Stagecoach community, and we look forward to this amazing opportunity to build an outstanding culture. Please allow us to express our confidence in the leadership at Sweetwater School District #1, our Board of Trustees and our staff who are working tirelessly to ensure a smooth transition. We are doing everything possible to make this an outstanding school year for all staff and students.

We recognize that change is difficult and painful, but we also know that new beginnings are beautiful and new traditions are born. Now is the time for us to come together to make this a united school a reality. As we are preparing, we welcome for you to contact us with all the things you loved and want to continue to see in your child’s education. Together we will not just survive but will flourish in the years to come.

All of us at Stagecoach Elementary are eager and excited to begin what promises to be the best year ever. This year is going to be adventurous as we continue to provide academic experiences for our students that are rigorous, relevant and builds relationships. As your Stagecoach Administration, it is important to us that everyone who steps through our doors- teachers, students, and parents- are excited to be here! This attitude enables us to meet the challenges of academic excellence in a positive, fun and nurturing environment. Our doors are always open and we welcome your input. Please feel free to stop in, call or email to discuss any concerns, suggestions or ideas to help make this the best year yet!


Jennifer Martin-Palacios and Sean Grube

Stagecoach Administration


Our promise to you:

As a team, the Stagecoach Staff we will work hard to create a legacy of strong relationships with parents, students, and community partners. We will focus on social- emotional needs, character education initiatives, Common Core skills, use of data to inform instruction, consistent implementation of teaching strategies to increase students’ achievement, and providing exciting and challenging enrichment opportunities for all students.


It is vital that your child is at school, but if your child is sick or has an appointment please call the office at (307) 352-3265 as early as possible in the day. If your child is marked as absent and we have not heard from you, we will call to verify their absence. If your child is gone due to a medical appointment, please bring a doctor’s note so that we can mark your absence properly. Once your student has missed 5 days, you will receive a letter notifying you. Those absences will then be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. ***If your child is sick please keep them home. If you student has symptoms of COVID please keep them home.  If your student has been exposed to COVID confirmed case please keep them home. ***

Checking Out Your Student:

If you would like to pick your student up early, please call the office no later than 3:00. The end of the day is very busy and students are preparing to go home, transitioning, and loading busses. This makes it very difficult to honor the request after 3:00.

Dropping off and picking up your student:

When dropping off your student, while staying in your vehicle, you can either pull to the crosswalk to drop off your K-2 students or pull all the way to the end of the sidewalk to let your 3rd-4th grade student out. Your student will get out of the car and go to the door for a temperature check. When picking up your student, while staying in your vehicle, please pull all the way to the end of the sidewalk and wait for your student. If you park in the parking lot, please use the crosswalk to cross the street and social distance while waiting for your student or you may stay in the parking lot make eye contact with the teacher and we will have your student cross the crosswalk to meet you. If your student is going home with a friend or if they are using a different mode of transportation for the day, your student MUST have a signed note from their guardian. We ask that you notify the student’s teacher and the front office in there is a change in your student’s transportation at the end of the day.


Please dress your child for all types of weather. As you know weather can be very harsh in Wyoming and we will go outside in cold and windy weather. In the morning (when we can have outside recess) if the weather/temperature is too cold for students to be outside, we will place a sign out front stating that students need to come into the building. You will also be notified by Parent Square if you sign-up for the Parent Square app and add Stagecoach.


We absolutely love having parents, grandparents and guardians in our building to be volunteers. However, at this time, until COVID guidelines change we will NOT be able to volunteers in building. With that said, we would still love your help with items at home that can be brought back. Please contact your homeroom teacher. When COVID guidelines change and we can have visitors in building, you will need to bring a valid ID to get a visitor pass.