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Hello Stallions,

Thank you so much for making our mornings and afternoons successful for School drop-off and pick-up. In the morning we love opening doors and saying 'hi' too so many families.  


Upcoming Events: 




All students will get to play and will have the opportunity to have breakfast once school has begun.
* Drop-off: 
Park in the parking lot, walk across the crosswalk and walk to the playground.
* Kiss-and-Go:  Stay in your car, pull to the front where the greeters are, and greeters will open the passenger side door. The students will then go to the playground to play. At 7:45 our warning bell rings and the greeters will move closer to the crosswalk to open doors. This will allow for students to enter the front doors as we do not want anyone to get left on the playground. Greeters stay outside until the second bell rings at 7:50. If you arrive after 8:00 you will need to walk your child into the school and sign them in.
*please remember to use the crosswalk*

End of the day:
* Pick-Up (lobby p/u):  Please park in the parking lot, walk across the crosswalk, make contact with the teacher and take your child home.
* Kiss-and-Go:  You will stay in your car and pull forward until the greeters open the door. The greeters will then open the door and your child will get in your car.  Once your child is in your car, pull forward and turn right. If you need to turn left, please park on the north side of Stagecoach.
* Busses:  Busses leave promptly at 3:15. If busses run late, we will send out a Parent Square. 
***if you need to change how your student is getting home, please call by 2:30.***




It is vital that your child is at school, but if your child is sick or has an appointment please call the office at (307) 352-3265 as early as possible in the day. If your child is marked as absent and we have not heard from you, we will call to verify their absence. If your child is gone due to a medical appointment, please bring a doctor’s note so that we can mark your absence properly. Once your student has missed 5 days, you will receive a letter notifying you. Those absences will then be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. ***If your child is sick please keep them home. 


Our promise to you:

As a team, the Stagecoach Staff  will work hard to create a legacy of strong relationships with parents, students, and community partners. We will focus on social- emotional needs, character education initiatives, Common Core skills, use of data to inform instruction, consistent implementation of teaching strategies to increase students’ achievement, and providing exciting and challenging enrichment opportunities for all students.

Checking Out Your Student:

If you would like to pick your student up early, please call the office no later than 2:30. The end of the day is very busy and students are preparing to go home, transitioning, and loading busses. This makes it very difficult to honor the request after 2:30.



Please dress your child for all types of weather. As you know weather can be very harsh in Wyoming and we will go outside in cold and windy weather. In the morning (when we can have outside recess) if the weather/temperature is too cold for students to be outside, we will place a sign out front stating that students need to come into the building. You will also be notified by Parent Square if you sign-up for the Parent Square app and add Stagecoach.


We absolutely LOVE having parents, grandparents and guardians in our building to be volunteers. Please make sure to bring your ID so we can run you through our Raptor system and get a badge printed for your visit.





I always tell my students to never laugh at or tell someone their work is not good because it may be worth a million to someone else.

There is no such thing as bad art because it may be wonderful in another person’s eyes.

Dana Sykes - Stagecoach Art teacher 2024

Parent engagement in the School

YOUR support  makes a difference in the day-to-day lives of millions of students.

The Power of Partnership

Student needs can be complex. Empowering them to succeed doesn't have to be. Let us help you create a custom approach to integrated student supports.

When we combine  teachers, families and students to collaborate on the same learning goals, schools will significantly improve student outcomes.


 Did you know that we have teachers that love to have parent volunteers in the classroom. Please reach out to your student's teacher  and see how you can help.  


“Students will read if we give them the books, the time, and the enthusiastic encouragement to do so. If we make them wait for the one unit a year in which they are allowed to choose their own books and become readers, they may never read at all. To keep our students reading, we have to let them.”
― Donalyn Miller, The Book Whisperer: Awakening the Inner Reader in Every Child


Welcome to the Stagecoach Elementary School Library

 Stagecoach  Elementary staff are dedicated to providing students with the information literacy skills necessary to become lifelong readers and learners. We strive to:
*Provide students with an environment that fosters growth and exploration
*Empower students with the skills needed to excel in the 21st century.
*Provide access to district resources to meet the needs of all students.
*Encourage reading and life long learning.
Information / Reference Links


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PE / Health

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Adapted Physical Education Services ( APE)

  • Providing developmentally - appropriate physical education to meet the individualized needs of students with disabilities.
  • APE teachers provide specialized instruction which could include, one on one, within the general physical education setting, and consultation with general physical education teacher to increase success of students.
  • In collaboration with teachers and staff members, using a variety of strategies and supports are integrated into physical education to ensure safe and successful participation and progress for each student.



Occupational Therapy Service (OT)

  • Occupational staff work to address a student's ability to access and participate in school activities




Physical Therapy Services (PT)

  • Our physical therapists work to ensure that students in special education benefit from their educational programs.
  • PTs help students participate in their educational programs.        

             Environmental access

             Functional mobility

             Motor function



Speech and Language Services

  • Develop effective communication skills so that students may participate in school and later in the workforce.
  • The speech-language pathologist participates in the prevention, identification, assessment, evaluation, eligibility determination, treatment plan, and treatment management of those students with disorders in the areas of speech and language.
  • Speech-language services are designed to best meet the individualized student's needs.